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Personal Training
Bend, Oregon

Health Improvement
with Personal Training

Our personal training staff at Osprey Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Bend, Oregon are passionate about working with men and women from recreational to elite levels who want to improve their overall health and increase their knowledge about the body. They’re driven by a philosophy to motivate clients to make positive health and fitness gains by making each workout dynamic, fun and personalized to the individual. In short, we help individuals gain a competitive edge.


Areas of specialization:
  • Sports Performance
  • Plyometric Training
  • Functional exercise for joint stability and balance
  • Injury prevention 


Additionally, our trainers are fully equipped to work with clients who are transitioning out of physical therapy into a more gym and recreationally-based program to manage and prevent injuries.


Trainers and physical therapists work cohesively together to cater to a plan appropriate for each individual to reach their maximal potential. Let us help you unlock your potential and competitive edge. 


Sports Performance 


Plyometric Training 




Injury Prevention 


There is an option for everyone. Please feel free to ask questions and together we can create a successful program to

fit your needs and goals.

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